Pet Cot Dog Bed
Pet Cot Dog BedPet Cot Dog Bed With Dog On ItPet Cot Dog Bed With Dog On ItPet Cot Dog Bed With Dog On It

Pet Cot Dog Bed



Product Description

Guardian Gear Elevated Pet Cots are great for giving pets a comfortable, elevated spot to sleep. Lightweight and durable dog cots allow air to circulate underneath the pet for a healthier, more comfortable rest. The durable Guardian Gear Elevated Pet Cots are great for traveling, camping, or naps in the backyard.

  • Protects pets from uncomfortable cold, hot, damp, and uneven surfaces
  • Lightweight steel frame
  • Spring locks allow assembly and disassembly in seconds without tools
  • Cover is made of UV-resistant deep green polyester
  • Velcro tabs along the sides of the bed allow the cover to be stretched or relaxed for customized tension.

Available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. Large size has a center leg and extra-large size has two center legs for added support. Also available in a mesh panel design.


Cover: Heavy-duty polyester oxford

Frame: Powder-coated steel cross-sections, molded corner yokes.

Alternate Assembly Instructions

  1. Set aside two Y-connectors and the canvas cover. They are not needed until later.
  2. Assemble three sides of the frame. The three sides MUST be one long side (which the cover will later be Velcroed around) and two shorter end pieces (the parts that slip into the pre-sewn ends of the cover).
  3. Once three sides of the frame have been assembled, slip the cover over the short bars. This is easiest when the long side bar is placed on the floor with the ends sticking up, as you can use your foot to hold the frame steady. Note: poles may need to be flexed slightly when inserted into the canvas. Please slide cover onto the frame as evenly as possible, as pulling only one end of the canvas down too far will cause the other end to be overly tight and difficult to move. DO NOT VELCRO CANVAS
  4. Attach third Y-connector to one of theshort end pieces. Attach long side (all components of the long side if dealing with the larger cots) to that Y-connector.
  5. Place last Y-connector on long side. It MUST be placed on the long side, not the short one, due to the fact that the short end pieces are confined by the canvas and do not have as much maneuverability.
  6. Insert short end piece into Y-Connector, pulling long side bar to the side in order to accommodate. Once bar is fully inserted into Y-Connector, Velcro canvas around the long sides of the cot and attach all four legs to the Y-Connectors. If the canvas won’t stretch enough to fit, check to be sure all bars are fully inserted into position and the cover is centered. Partial insertion and/or and/or an off-center cover will affect fit.

Additional Information

Weight . lbs
Dimensions . x . x . in

Small 24″ x 18″ x 7″, Medium 30″ x 24″ x 7″, Large 36″ x 30″ x 7″, X-Large 48″ x 36″ x 9″


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